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Tracey Etelson

Certified Level 2

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® Practitioner

at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge in Stuart, Florida

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) offers a unique and powerful path to wellness, for individuals seeking profound healing and personal growth.

Explore the Deepest Roots of Your Identity

Are you on a personal development path and seeking your “why” —  your bigger purpose for being here?

Are you at a crossroads in your life and seeking answers to unresolved physical & emotional pain?

You’ve found yourself in exactly the right place.

Developed by Dolores Cannon over the course of decades, QHHT combines hypnosis, energy work and past-life exploration to access the subconscious mind, promoting deep healing and transformation. It addresses a wide array of issues, from chronic pain, depression and anxiety to emotional and spiritual challenges.

Many kinds of fascinating experiences such as past life regression and even inter-dimensional travel have happened in QHHT sessions.

Regardless of the experience, afterward, clients often report feeling “refreshed”, with deeper self-awareness and an overall sense of improved well-being. Other common testimonials report a sense of peace, a decrease in anxiety and even elimination of fears & phobias after connecting to residual past life or generational experiences.

This in turn can lead to a new perspective on life and a stronger connection to one’s own intuition.

These sessions and case studies on how they’ve changed lives have been documented for decades :

QHHT is ideal for those intrigued by the mind-body connection and seeking a holistic alternative healing method to support their journey towards whatever “healing” means to them.

Session Details

Appointments are approximately 4 hours long, which includes a 1-on-1 interview before beginning the hypnosis process.

You’ll be awake and aware, and you’ll be provided with an audio recording to revisit as often as you’d like.

$300 per person

*10% Deposit of $30 due at time of booking. Inquire for payment plan details.

What to Expect


A warm, nurturing, safe environment.



A pleasurable feeling, like taking a refreshing nap.


(Usually) A full awareness of what you’re experiencing.



Answers to your deepest questions in this life. Come with plenty!

"This is my second QHHT experience and I've had several past life regressions. Tracey is the next level. She has a gentle, calm spirit that helped me relax and feel safe. There was no rush, no feeling of being pushed. The entire experience felt like it went on for years. I got so much out of it. I would say it was a significant turning point for me. I've been more relaxed and not worried as much about daily life stressors. The session was recorded on my phone and I was grateful as I've listened to it again. I'm delighted to recommend Tracey as a QHHT practitioner of the highest standards. "

– Melissa

As a passionate student, teacher, and mother who typically finds safety in the unknown, I felt a session was most needed with Tracey when fear was holding me back from reaching my fullest potential; as I was physically riddled with anxiety in my daily life. I went into it with the intention of finding the source of my fear, and came out knowing. The loving guidance of Tracey delicately took me on a journey starting in placebo, and through the overflowing feeling of joy illuminating during my birth, from both mother and father. Further along, I clearly saw my 7-year-old mother curled with her arms wrapping her knees to her chest, scared sick of what was to come after her mother died. I realized in that moment that my fear was not my own. Tracey took the time to debrief this revelation with me. From then on, my fear dissipated. The level of comfort provided by Tracey from beginning to end created the space that allowed for a truly healing adventure that I would recommend to anyone who feels stuck or simply wants to explore a unique modality of healing, enveloped by the safety of Tracey’s light.

– Stephanie

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I recently had my first QHHT session ever with Tracey. I had often seen my fellow travel hockey teammates feel great after they had theirs done years ago so I thought I would give it a try. Tracey made me feel comfortable the entire session being that it was my first time. My experience was enlightening. I discovered that I was an Indian in a prior life. I was stranded on an island by myself as a rite of passage from boy to manhood. I had to try things out and take chances for survival. This was meaningful to me because I can very much see how this translates into my life now. I need to not be fearful of taking chances to do what I really want to be doing. In addition, my role as hunter and protector of my tribe gave me insight into why I am the way I am. The session helped me to solidify my beliefs that you do come back as a different person and we have past lives. Now I truly am a believer, and perceive the world in a more integrated way.

– Eric

About Tracey

Tracey has an eclectic resume that traverses from corporate financial executive to alternative educator to her current passion, QHHT practitioner. Raised in the oldest still existing cooperative community in the US, Tracey embodies the spirit of community.

Living amongst the pioneers of civil rights activism and world peace organizations, she had access to an unending stream of thought leaders and change makers. At eight, she met Thich Nhat Hanh, who planted the seeds of non-judgement and encouraged her path as a seeker of spiritual knowledge.

 In contrast, Tracey’s parents were movers and shakers in the world of business. Her mother, a feminist who broke the glass ceiling in corporate America and her father who advanced innovative, disrupter concepts to build a nationwide company.

Eager to make her parents proud, she received her MBA in 1987, and entered the corporate world. While the experiences and skills developed were invaluable, there was no joy or feelings of deep satisfaction, no matter how great the achievement.

Through a series of catastrophic life events and the addition of three small children, Tracey’s life took a dramatic turn. One that would lead to a thirty year quest for meaning. Equipped mostly with her business background and her own educational experience, Tracey started a Montessori school for her own children and a handful of friends.

For the first time there was an alignment of purpose and passion. While there were formidable obstacles, there was also a flow that was nothing less than miraculous. The school thrived and was eventually acquired by a large education corporation.

Throughout the 25 years of building and running the school, Tracey encountered a series of spiritual influencers and pursued a deep, wide personal study. 

Finally, after following the work of Delores Cannon for 20 years, Tracey trained to be a QHHT practitioner and is currently pursing her passions as Co-Founder of Spirit Well Sensory Lounge, where she offers in-person sessions.

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